Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lil Wayne Shouldn't Have Used Google Translate For His New Face Tattoo

Tattoos.  If you want some, go get some.  It's your world.  Want a face tattoo?  Be my guest, just remember what it will do for you.  Tattoos are more acceptable in most places around the world than they have ever been.  Especially if you are already rich and famous, and probably set up for life.  Like Lil Wayne.

Although, there's one thing you should remember when getting some new ink:  Make sure that it is spelled correctly.  Or if you must get another language on your body, like say, Arabic...maybe don't use something like Google Translate for the wording.

Lil Wayne got some new tattoos on his face this week — one on his chin and another along his eyebrow, as depicted above — and tattoo artist Spider shared the ink work in a pair of Instagram posts. Now, if Wayne wants to cover his whole face with tattoos, more power to him, but he might want to shore up his translation next time he puts a foreign language on his body. As The Fader points out, El Arabiya News reports that the Arabic script on Wayne’s face is gibberish. It’s supposed to read “momma’s boy,” but according to Arabic speakers, it’s just a bunch of random characters. Somehow, I don’t think Tunechi will be bothered by this.

Shouldn't the "Third Eye" be on your foreh....awww fuck it.

Although, it is not as bad as it seems.  One eagle-eyed commenter explains that Wayne’s tat is not exactly gibberish. The words are “kid” and “my mother,” so technically it’s close to the rapper’s intended meaning.

 However, various Facebook commenters note that it can also be translated “illiterate boy.”  Which if this is true, kinda makes the tattoo really funny, and thus cool while also making it untrue, and thus ironic.  Which technically makes it probably the most hipster tattoo Wayne has ever gotten.  Lotta levels to that one.

The whole situation was summed up perfectly by one young lady on Twitter, much like everything is today:

That's it, no more needs to be said. 

Wayne, just give us all Tha Carter V.  Don't worry, you are still cool.

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