Friday, December 5, 2014

Kanye West Is A Fan of Art And Also Giant Breasts

Art enthusiast, music man, and rich dad Kanye West has clearly always been a fan of comically large body parts. So the reason behind his past collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, the man responsible for his iconic Graduation album cover, is no surprise: humungous fake breasts.

Is that...milk...or a jumprope?  Or both?

The revelation comes from a New York Times interview with Murakami that I'm sure is very interesting, but I just did a Command + F for "breasts" and went straight here:

How did you end up working with Kanye? Kanye's record label contacted me and said that he really liked a sculpture of mine — a woman with huge breasts. They asked if he could come to see it. It just so happened that the sculpture had just returned to the studio for repair. I said sure. Kanye came to the studio and stared at the sculpture, completely without words, just silently looking at it. I think he was moved by it, because he took hundreds of pictures with his digital camera.

Chalk this one up to being another unsurprising anecdote that you have now heard about Kanye.

What did he do with all of those hundreds of digital photos? Only one thing is certain: being Kanye's therapist would be really easy.

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