Monday, December 15, 2014

Japanese McDonald's Is Having A Tough Time

Japanese McDonald's, long a dreamlike Mecca for Americans to travel to and receive various exotic menu items, is in trouble.  Big trouble.  Thanks to a labor dispute in US West Coast ports, Asahi News reports that there is a french fry shortage.

That's right America, hang your heads in shame, for we have denied our Japanese brethren one of life's pure joys: terribly large amounts of fast food french fries.  That's because during the dispute, Japanese fry lovers will be only able to purchase small size fries.

A moment of silence please.

Japan cannot get the potatoes it needs! And voila, conservation in the name of S-size only. Meal deals that usually come with medium fries will be 50 yen cheaper.

The story has made the TV news, because this is very, very important. No large fries!

This probably says: heartbreak.

"It's a little sad that the large size is disappearing," said this woman in Tokyo. A little?!
Clearly the shock hasn't set in yet.

Worst of all? Asahi reports that it's unclear when this potato nightmare will end. The s-size only sales begin on December 17 at McDonald's across Japan.

Pour one out for our pals in the Land of The Rising Sun.  They are going through a tough time.

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