Friday, December 5, 2014

Jackie Chan Is The Master of Funny Action

Jackie Chan.  We all know him.  We all love him.  He is pretty much one of a kind.  An actual human superman, who has put himself through a lifetime of serious training and actual physical harm, all to entertain us.  He is at once a total badass and a hilarious throwback to the silent film comedian era.

But how does he do it all so well?

Well, besides having a great sense of timing.

Well now you can sit back and see how the master of action comedy does his thing so well. That's all thanks to Youtuber Tony Zhou at Every Frame a Painting.  The excellent video series about varying aspects of films, has a new installment with a wonderful analysis of what makes Jackie Chan's action—and comedy—work so damn well.

Here, take a look at his scholarly analysis at action and comedy in Jackie Chan films:

Turns out it takes incredible athleticism, impeccable comedic timing, an extensive knowledge of film and your medium, and a one of a kind face.

Now let's all go watch Rumble in The Bronx.  Or better yet, Who am I...Seriously.  Go see that one, it's the one with the ladder scene.  Incredible.

Jackie is clearly a legend.  Not only for what he has done on camera, but for his amazing technical skills behind the camera.  Thanks for all the laughs you wonderful Chinese man.

Enjoy what you saw? Then check out more episodes of the series and Tony's videos on his YouTube channel.

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