Monday, December 29, 2014

Here's the Only Good News of 2014 and It's All Bloopers

There was pretty much no good news in 2014.  Wait, scratch that.  It's a fact that there was no good news in 2014.  The year was filled with pretty much nothing but shameful sensationalism, inaccurate fact checking, fear-mongering, and in general a bunch of bummer topics.

2015 looks like a silver lining coming our way.

But some funny things did happen on the news.  These things were entirely the times where the news went all the way off the rails.  Talking about those wonderful "live television" flubs that are and will forever be unavoidable, given the "live television" nature of the news. And now the good people of the internet have compiled all those moments for us.  Including a local news team's terrified reaction to an earthquake and a reporter getting beaned in the head by a flying skateboard—into a single 15-minute clip. What a world.

The best part about these?  Nobody gets hurt.  (Well, other than the reporters who actually get hit by things, but they are totally okay.)  Nobody gets fired, nobody gets emotionally scarred.  It's just a bunch of professionals trying to do their job, which is saying things, and mostly screwing that up in a big way.  Everybody wins.

A few personal favorite moments:

  • "Earthquake. We're having an earthquake!"
  • "Did you have to beat off a lot of American men?"
  • And the always classic- "Bababooey(s)"
  • Spiderman all day.
  • "Fuckabee"

Check it out:

Thank you all you lovely news men and women.  See you in 2015!

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