Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dumb Man Excited When He Loses on The Price Is Right

YOU DID IT!  After all the hours of driving, so many miles logged on the road, you have made it to a taping of The Price is Right!

Drew Carey is right there!  Perhaps your dreams will come true and he will call your name!

Do it Carey, be that dreamweaver.

OH MY GOD he called your name!  He actually called you down!  You're gonna be on television!  This could be the the beginning of a life-changing array of cash and prizes coming your way.  Stay in the zone, feel it.  Bid wisely, bid carefully, and bid low.  But not too low of course.  You got this.  You are gonna do it.

Zowie!!! Yippee!!! Yabba-dabba-dooie!!! He said your number!!! He said your number!!! You're gonna play on stage!!!

Wait, no.

That's not it.

That's not your number at all.


Well, at least you'll be remembered on TV for something...

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