Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Drunk Man Does Drunk Stuff

At the urging of a "friend," this presumably inebriated definitely idiot attempted to scale the half-bicycle mounted 12 feet up—for decorative purposes only, it should be emphasized—on the fa├žade of RV&E Bikes in Canandaigua, New York. You already know what happened next.

The man, "Dave," elects to follow the advice of one friend over the other.  The friend that does want him to get on the bike, rather than the one who would love it if he didn't.  He would even buy him a shot if he didn't do this thing.

Dave though, has something to prove: How badly he can get hurt on a weeknight.

It was all over the moment Cool Friend, who egged our heroic dumbass on while smoking a cigarette in front of the bar next door, tempted fate by praising the quality of the bike sign's construction. If only the climber's brave, stupid, human face were built as sturdily.

But he would have gotten a free shot if he'd won, so who can blame him?  Instead he most surely gets an expensive trip to the ER.

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