Thursday, December 18, 2014

Deserving Man Gets Awesome Robot Arms

Les Baugh lost both of his arms over 40 years ago in a "freak" electrical accident. Now, in this footage, we get to see him doing everyday things he hasn't done for decades, courtesy of not one but two robotic prosthetic limbs.  Awesome, "the future is now" type robot limbs.

Yep, pretty much halfway to Robocop.  I am jealous.

Of course, there is video of him using his new appendages, and boy is it cool.  Not only for the reason that it will literally change Baugh's life forever, but also because these arms look like something straight out of a science fiction movie.  A good one at that.

Les' arms were made by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Because they're attached directly to nerves in his shoulders, he operates them simply by thinking, as though they were the same arms he'd been born with (though he does have to shift each section of the arm one-at-a-time before "resting").  Yes, you read that right.  It is 2014, and we now have robotics that can be operated by your mind.  Excellent.

Check it out:


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