Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Adult Swim Just Got Extra Weird

Adult Swim, the late night programming block on Cartoon Network that targets, well, adults (and people who are high) is one of the best things on television.  Through the years it has shown the kind of cavalier disregard for television making sense, and willingness to fuck with it's audience that has only served to gain it more and more popularity.

Weirdness and humor works, and because of the success of the network, the good people at the Swim have only doubled down on their unique brand of programming, and willingness to make you scratch your head, then laugh.

Bless you, you wonderful nutjobs.

Now one of it's new shows has taken the cake for late night "did I just see what I thought I saw" programming.  In its goofiness and free-association, Adult Swim's 4 a.m. Infomercials series feels tailor-made to late nights spent with too much weed. "Unedited Footage of a Bear," the latest installment of the series that "Too Many Cooks" made famous, feels more akin to bath salts.

The series itself is meant to stealthily start airing, tricking the viewer who is watching late at night, and knowing the audience of Adult Swim, probably under the influence, to thinking they are watching an informercial.  This is part of what made "Too Many Cooks" so viral, people thought they had accidentally changed the channel to some sitcom, only to see it go wildly off the rails.  Well, that and that wonderful song.

Ostensibly, "Unedited Footage of a Bear" parodies of the type of amateurish documentary footage that goes viral anytime someone with a smartphone comes in contact with a car crash or sufficiently large wild animal. Then, a commercial for allergy medicine starts, and things take a turn for the dark and violent.

Just check it out, and then relax in the notion that Adult Swim will never change, it will only get weirder.  


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