Monday, December 29, 2014

1,000 Cats Saved By The Internet

Good thing you are cats, cats.  Otherwise you just might have bought the farm.

Look, if you are reading this, then you are online, and if you are online then you know that there is an (un)healthy obsession with cats.  We don't need to get into it.

It's clear by now.

So that's why it is clear that when 1,000 Chinese cats were in danger, there was only one place to turn.  To the one place where even the dregs of society will come together for the cause of felines.  The Internet.

For just a short while, leaking celebrity nudes, and hacking the Playstation Network was put on hold.  For there were animals to save...the kind with whiskers.  And what do you know?  It worked.

More than 1,000 cats stolen by cat traffickers in northeast China were rescued after their owners found each other on the Internet and collaborated with local law enforcement, Sky News reports.

According to Sky News, the suspected traffickers arrived in Dalian City earlier this month and had been searching the city for cats every night, "before being noticed by a group of pet lovers who share their pet raising experiences online."

The pet lovers alerted the...Fuzz...(I am so sorry) who were able to locate a "cat den" in a nearby village.  Something which probably sounds like a cat person's dream but is assuredly not.  With the 1,000 cats crammed into tight, dirty cages being held before their eventual sale for their meat and fur on the black market.

Never again.

The police arrested six suspects and more than 300 cats were returned to their owners.

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