Friday, November 28, 2014

Well There Is A New Star Wars Trailer

Yes, it has come.

The hands down most anticipated movie to hit the Internet, well since last time there was a revival of this franchise has, well, hit the Internet once again.

Star Wars, revitalized and directed by the man who revitalized and directed (then ruined) new Star Trek movies JJ Abrams, is back.  It even has a new trailer to make you excited about Star Wars again.

Hmm...remember 1999?  All the great hype we had for the biggest movie franchise of all time to finally be coming back to the big screen?  How awesome the trailer looked?  Then...oh boy...

However this time there aren't dumbass prequels to deal with, but these are legit sequels baby!  They have the stuff you want like Storm Troopers, X-Wings, and other stuff like this:

They also got actual Luke and Leah back, and have even dusted off the living-corpse that is Harrison Ford so that he can once again be the very old version of an awesome character!  In a George Lucas movie no less!

But hey, let's not be too cynical too early.  Let's take a look at the trailer!

Okay, there are people with expressions on their faces, so ol' Mr. Lucas is getting beat there.  Also, some stuff doesn't look like it is made in a computer laboratory and thus fake.  That Storm Trooper man actually had armor that looked dirty!  This, in a (2014) Star Wars film is an accomplishment.

And sure, it looks cool.  It's a trailer, that's their whole job.  Lightsaber broadsword tho...can't knock that.  Also, sounds much like Benedict Cumberbatch on the badguy voice...can't go wrong there.

Look, it's okay to be excited.  All you need to do though is remember 1999.  If you were even born then.

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