Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Jurassic World Trailer Proves Humans Are Stupid

A theme park full of genetically engineered dinosaurs.  We will have people come and see these creatures for money.  I mean, what could go wrong right?

Yep.  There's a new Jurassic Park entry in the franchise which by now has had one classic film about a park full of dinosaurs where things go wrong, and two others where...its probably best not to talk about them.

Anyway, the first full trailer for the revival of everybody's favorite dinosaur franchise (suck it Land Before Time) is here.  It's called Jurassic World, it is once again under the loving arms of Steven Spielberg, and most importantly it stars everybody's favorite person: Chris Pratt.

Also featuring a sweet leather vest.

That's right, when the supposedly smart science dudes go ahead and decide to...ahem...spare no expense with their research and fuck around with nature again, bad stuff happens.  It's up to Star Lord to save us all, and I don't know about you, but I'd feel safe knowing he was on the job with that vest.

It also sneaks in a few callbacks to the original Jurassic Park: "She's a highly intelligent animal" is the new "clever girl," kids are hiding in the shadows from dinosaurs, and we have to evacuate the island!

Really though, this one could go either way.  Either it is a great callback to the original as a thriller with dinosaurs from the man who brought us Jaws.  Or it will be a feature film from the Spielberg who gave us Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls.  Forgot about that one didn't you?  At least we can all expect the typical Spielbergian mushy ending.

Check it out:

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