Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kim Kardashian's Butt Can Be Funny Thanks To The Internet

Kim Kardashian's butt.  You've seen the pictures by now.  You've made your opinion, and probably weighed in with it.  Kim and photographer Jean-Paul Goude tried to "Break the Internet" with their new set of photos featured in the upcoming issue of Paper magazine.  They even, as most things do these days, prompted a #breaktheinternet: your home for all things Kim K butt related.

In case you are just getting out of a cave.
Never before has one butt made the waves that this posterior has.  Since yesterday there have been reaction pieces, think pieces, ignorant moralizing, celebrations of butts, and of course fluff pieces like "The evolution of Kim Kardashian's Butt."

However, out of something so non-important, one trend emerged that was better than them all.  Butt memes.  That's right, you see it turns out people enjoy the Internet and don't want Kim K or anyone to break it.  No matter how nicely giant and round their butt may be.  As quickly as #breaktheinternet gained fame, online heroes quickly started their own #fixtheinternet and then set to work.

The butt would be changed, the butt would be "fixed," the butt would be transformed, and all the results would be hilarious.

Here you go:

Truly a triumph of the human spirit

Run! Run free with that bottom!

A little on the nose but I am into it.

Welp, can't beat that.

Well, all that can be said is thank you Internet heroes.  You've done it again.  I raise my butt to you.

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