Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jimmy Fallon Is A Better Bono Than Bono

Last night was the beginning of most people's nightmare scenario, as U2 was scheduled to begin their week long residency on The Tonight Show in order to promote their new album.  You know, the one nobody even wanted for free.

However, most people are not Jimmy Fallon, the human being version of a Carebear.  If you've ever seen the tonight show you would know that whether it is fake or not, Fallon is excited.  For everything.  Even U2 being on his program for a whole week.

So that's why he was bummed to hear that the Irish band would be having to postpone their appearance(s) due to Bono getting the most Bono injury.  He hurt himself riding a bicycle.

Fallon knew though that the show must go on, even if you don't have the man with the world's biggest bad sunglasses collection on the program.  So Fallon did the next best thing.  Instead of The World's Best Dad Band, he recruited the more simply named Best Band In The World: The Roots, to be his version of U2 (a drastic improvement) and decided for himself to become The Bono.

It's uncanny.
Donning the Bono hat and glasses, the "New U2" cracked into a fiery rendition of "Desire" which is most definitely a better song than what the real U2 had planned to play.

Fallon's impression of a young, vital Bono deserves props on two levels.  One is that his impersonation might actually be better than Bono's at this point. If you closed your eyes, you'd almost think you were hearing an energetic, sprightly, and possibly Viagra-enhanced U2. And damn, Larry Mullen suddenly got really good at drumming.

Two, nobody knows if when you become The Bono if you can ever shed that persona afterwards.  It could be come kind of gypsy curse, forcing you to forever be a douche despite the wonderful things you do for the world in charity.  Hell, that would at least explain a lot of things.  If Fallon starts making exclusive deals with iTunes in the future, then we will all know the truth.

As for the real Bono, just chill man.  Jimmy and The Roots got this.  At least they won't force Songs of Innocence on their audience.

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