Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's Over For Humanity Because The Robots Have Already Won

That's it humanity.  We are officially done-zo.  We had a nice little run.  We walked on the moon, entered the nuclear age, and even invented the Cronut.  However not unlike the dinosaurs it is time for us to go ahead and take the route of the Dodo.

The worst part?  When the future beings look back on our civilization and ask what truly and finally did us in, the answer will be simple:  It was our own hand.

The robots have already won, because now DARPA's "Atlas" robot can do this:

Yep.  No way to beat that.

Kiss your mother goodbye, and quit your job because you like everyone else have seen The Karate Kid.  Thus you already know, now that the robot has mastered the crane kick, it's only a matter of time for us all.

The only thing we have going for us is that it cannot do it silently, so thankfully you will at least see your kick related death coming.  (Seriously though, watch the video but turn the sound down.  This thing is beyond noisy)

Sure you could run when you hear it coming, but you know that it doesn't have lungs.  You'll only be delaying the inevitable.

You might as well accept your fate, screaming "Sweep the leg Johnny!"  as the light drains from your eyes.

Thanks a bunch DARPA.  Now we don't have to worry about them taking our jobs so much as them kicking our heads clean off our shoulders so that we cannot even have a closed casket.

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