Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Holy Smokes Ken Block Has A New Car

Ken Block, dudebro and the man who became famous for his ability to make a car go sideways very well, is busy.  He is in the middle of setting up the seventh iteration of his incredibly popular video series based around Gymkhana, a made up word for basically doing things with a car you didn't think were possible.

For this new venture, Block decided that he would need a new car.  So, because he is basically a walking cash machine, they built one, and boy is it something.  Named for the Hoonigan lifestyle, which encompasses stunt driving and going really fast, it's called the Hoonicorn:

Here's how you can make one as well:

Take a 1965 Ford Mustang, Add a Roush Yates 410 cubic inch Ford V8. Add a six-speed transmission. Add all-wheel drive. Add paint and bodywork that make it downright terrifying to look at. Voila, you get The Hoonicorn.

It took two years to build The Hoonicorn at ASD Motorsports in Charlotte, North Carolina. The design is inspired by everything from classic American muscle to DTM racers to WRC rally cars to the toy cars Block had as a kid. Built with the aid of RTR, it puts ferocious power to the ground via a one-off Sadev all-wheel drive system, which should easily make it the baddest Gymkhana car we've seen yet.

The Hoonicorn has already been seen tearing up the streets of Los Angeles as Block began filming on Gymkhana 7.  If you are a fan of cars, even though you don't need to be to appreciate Gymkhana, this is very exciting.

To see what we are all in for, check out Gymkhana 6:

Now imagine that in a terrifyingly awesome demon Mustang, and you can understand the hype.

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