Monday, November 24, 2014

Hip Hop's Heavyweights Square Off In Unique Rap Battle

Just in case you haven't seen Cartoon Network's The Eric Andre Show, which you should,  here is something that will make you want to watch it.  Well, if you enjoy things that are both good and hilarious.

You see, we are currently in a fat rapper renaissance, where once again we have been blessed by big men who can spit.

Although we will never again reach the heights of the past.
Action Bronson and Killer Mike (one half of Run The Jewels) are both heavyweights in the rap game, and in stature.  To recognize these facts they both appeared on Eric Andre's show to promote both themselves and the importance of fitness.

This was done with the world's first treadmill rap battle.

The results?  Well, you can decide.  Regardless of how far they can run, both these guys are excellent rappers.  Isn't that all that matters?

Respect.  Best credit sequence ever.

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