Monday, November 10, 2014

Here Is A Totally Not Heart-Attack Inducing Clip of People Tightrope Walking

It is important to began on your Monday with a relaxed attitude, and a general irreverent point of view.  Try to not be on edge or excitable, less you risk starting off stressed.

So don't you worry, we got just what you need to start your week.  A totally relaxing, not-at-all stress filled clip of people doing something worth being videotaped.

Although, you might just want to take your heart medication for the day, just to be safe.

And/or your vertigo medication.  Look, just take all your medicine because this thing is straight nuts.

This video is a frightening test of the will for the viewer, only made easier due to the security of the tightropers' harnesses. Two high-wire artists took on the open, unruly chasm of Victoria Falls between Zimbabwe and Zambia, committing to a 100-meter walk over scary waters.

Check it out:

Lukas Irmler & Reinhard Kleindl made it to the other side safely, but hold this quote, from Kleindl, close to your heart: "Optically it's very difficult because the spray comes from the sides and it's like waves, they try to drag you, so it's really difficult for the optics and obviously everything is very heavy because it's soaked with water."

So remember people, if you ever find yourself walking a tightrope across the Victoria Falls, don't forget about the optics. 

Words to live by.

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