Friday, November 7, 2014

Futurama Is Coming To Springfield As All Your Dreams Come True

Now that Fox finally went ahead and got the cash-grab/terrible crossover done and taken care of, they can do something really interesting.

That interesting thing is the "cannot come too soon" crossover of two of the best shows ever made.  That's right world, despite Futurama not even being a show that is on television, Bender, Fry, Professor, Leela, and somebody else...are coming to Springfield.

Oh yeah, you're coming too!

That's right people.  This Sunday November 9th, the show that has produced four separate series finales is coming to hang out with the show that will (hopefully) never end.  Although Fry did appear on an episode years ago, when Futurama was new, this will be the first time that The Simpsons meet all of Planet Express.

Odds are, if you are a person who enjoys things, you like at the very least one of these shows.  If you are a very great person, you enjoy them both more than possibly anything else in your life.  Given these possibilities, it is very exciting when you think of the possibilities that could unfold:

For example:

  • Homer and Bender sharing a beer(s)
  • Fry and Homer being stupid together
  • Leela empowering Marge
  • Zoidberg literally doing anything

I am gonna pass out.

Now, like any good marketing machine, Fox has already provided the upcoming couch gag for what is surely to be a classic crossover right on par when Jay Sherman came on down to Springfield over a decade ago.

Here it is, and I have one hyphenated name for you: Hedonism-Bot:

Thank you Fox, thank you.

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