Sunday, November 16, 2014

FUNDAY: A Little Heat Please

No intro this week.  It's too cold.  Too cold to type.  Too cold to work.

Too cold for my life.

Anyway, you already know what this is, so throw on a quilt and enjoy.

Here's a pop-culture reference from this week:

Oh yeah baby.



Ariel Pink

Okay, let's start first with the music on this one.  I am getting heavy into Mr. Pink, deep in the game lately.  He sounds like what I imagine if a talented musician saw a certain sequence from Silence of The Lambs, you know, this one, and decided: "Yeah, I can take that to the next level."  Then he did.  This song is on that level while also having a chorus that sounds like something The Beach Boys would do on Pet Sounds era stuff.  Just too good.  Now, for the video, the way I would describe it in two words is: intensely unsettling.  No, how about fucking terrifying.  If it gets to be too much just close your eyes and listen to the music, it's worth it.

Lil Wayne f/Flow

I am not too sure if I will like Tha Carter V whenever it actually comes out.  That doesn't mean I won't immediately give it a full few listens when it does eventually actually come out.  I just don't know if Wayne can ever be as relevant again as he was in the 2006-2010 era of his career.  Especially when the rap scene is currently full of charismatic, talented weirdos like Young Thug and Makkonen right now.  Even more especially after hearing the Wayne that was 2012-2013 "I sound like I am tired of rapping and no longer care Lil Wayne."  I will give him a shot though, at least he sounds like he cares again.  Even though it has been a long time since he has made anything like this

Dougie F & DJ Fire

Everybody and their mother is looking for that new viral music hit that will follow in the legacy of the Soulja Boys and the Cali Swag Districts.  Now Jersey might just have their own, with their own version of the famous Baltimore club music.  Jersey takes that popular black house sound and makes it more melodic.  The result?  A song that will get stuck in your damn head.


After General Zod was trapped in the Phantom Zone for too long, things got really weird.


Worst Business Decisions

Oh Blockbuster.  You are so damn stupid.  Wanna buy Netflix?  No?  You wanna pass on it?  How did that work out for you?  Hello?  Are you there?

Steak Cuts Explained

Get it right.  Then figure out what you want to eat.  Hint: It's every single one of these.

Allen and Alinea

One man and one restaurant, and a five year quest to recreate every single dish on the menu.  Chicago's Alinea and one simple guy's odyssey to the creative world of molecular gastronomy.


Lotta food videos this week (wish I had planned it.)  One of the best food shows on the damn Internet takes a little trip on down to Prince Edward Island and what do they find?  Clams, potatoes, and a whole damn load of lobster.  Don't be hungry for this one.  Consider yourself warned.

Insane Himalayan Bus Ride

It's kind of hard to enjoy the scenery when all you can see is your life flashing before your eyes.


See you next week.

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