Sunday, November 2, 2014

Funday: Let The Boz Guide You To Wonder

BOO! Gotcha!  Scared ya!

Sorry, I know Halloween is over, which is a bummer.  Also, something else is happening for the majority of Americans, it's getting cold.  Real cold.

The kind of cold where it's just cold, no snow, no pomp and circumstance, just brutal.

This may make you want to be sad, or stay inside, or even not enjoy your Funday.  However, that's poppycock my loyal readers, because you have much to look forward to.  You just need your spirit animal to guide you, and here it is:

Don't you feel better already?
For the uninitiated, this is Brian Bosworth, who is better known as his alter ego, the one that will take the place of whatever lame spirit animal you already had.  This ego is The Boz.

The Boz was one of the greatest linebackers in college football history in the 1980's, an era which many regard as one of the best college football ever had.  But that's not why he is your new spirit animal.  This is why:

Just take it all in.
That hair.  Yes it is a mohawk, yes it has a mullet tail on the back, yes he did paint the sides of his hair with various colors/numbers/shapes.  This is a man that will not lead you astray.  He is the original Dennis Rodman without the cross-dressing, the Daryl Strawberry without the cocaine.  He is what you need to battle your winter depression.

Just before you get upset, imagine to yourself: What Would Boz Do?

You will never go wrong.



Some could say that this one perfectly captures the exhilarating, scary, unstuck-in-time, trapped in your head feeling of a really intense drug high.  Not gonna comment on that part.  However, I will say that it is super rad as a video, and song.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our new age Missy Elliot.  For those of you who are idiots, this is about the highest of praise that I could muster for a new artist.

Jessica Lea Mayfield

When you are a cool musician, sometimes you have to do things that would not make sense for most people.  Like when you slap on your sultry outfit, die your hair pink, and go do your thing in a spooky graveyard.  And by doing this, not only have it all work, but also accidentally make the best Halloween video of this year.  Hey, Lana Del Rey would approve.

The Shivas

Surf rock is supposed to be about smoking weed, going to the beach, and well...surfing.  The Shivas say fuck that, it can be spooky too.  It can be spooky, and is fitting because, Halloween.  Come to think of it, can we now please have a genre of Horror-Surf?  That's something I never knew I wanted until now, and now cannot stop thinking about.  Thanks Shivas, thanks a lot.

Skepta f/Young Lord

Skepta is the best fucking British rapper.  Forget him being the Grime King, he is now a Trap God.  Just the idea of a British slang spitting rapper making downright Trap music is so exciting. God damn y'all.  Get hip.  Also, ASAP Mob feature, so that's too cold as well.


NASA Pumpkin Carvings

Don't feel bad that your pumpkin doesn't look as good as NASA's.  After all, they do have lasers...and all the brain power in the world.

Halloween Light Show

That house, you know, the one in Naperville, Illinois.  It's back baby.  Spooky style.

Dallas Mavericks Rap

Don't quit your day jobs fellas.  Take the gold rope chain, and leave the rapping to the 1985 Bears.  Or at least wait until you win another championship *hah*!

Jake Gyllenhaal's Halloween Costumes

I shudder to put a Conan clip on here, that fucker is just so not funny.  However, this particular clip features Tha God Jake Gyllenhaal confirming that not only are he and his sister cool, but the whole Gyllenhaal family is full of gems.  Now go see Nightcrawler

MechWarrior™ Halloween Costume

Oh, was your baby a fucking ladybug or something?  Well, fuck your baby! Because in the pantheon of Halloween costumery, it will not even be a footnote.  This child will be the fucking chapter 1 headline. Looks like we have another Gyllenhaal clan on the rise.


That's it for this week.  See you next Funday.  Until then, let the wild Boz guide you to success in work and life!  Feel it.

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