Sunday, November 9, 2014

Funday: Keep Makin' Moves

Alright, humor me while I drop a little knowledge on you for this Funday.

In this life my people, people are gonna hate.

No matter what it is you want to do, whether it be get in shape, travel the world, change careers, etc.
People are gonna naysay your ass.  They are gonna poo-poo your ideas.  They are gonna negatory your dreams.

When you do something cool, they will hate it.  They will sit by and radiate the haterade.  You will be able to feel it.  However, there's one thing you need to do:  KEEP MAKIN' MOVES

And now, thanks to the Internet's bounty, this sentiment is in video form for you to use as an example every single time all those haters bum you the hell out.

Here it is:

You see that?  It's clear which one of these two people you should be.  To be sure here, it's the guy.  Not because he is a guy, but because he doesn't give a good god damn.  See that hater to his left?  She wants none of the awesome things that are going down on her news broadcast.

Does he falter?  Does he think, "Oh, man.  I should stop dancing, it seems like my co-worker hates it."  Hell no he doesn't.

He KEEPS MAKIN' MOVES...and so will you.

Let's do this!


Hundred Waters

A looped harp and some delicate piano playing can go a long way if you have a singer that is so smooth as this group of folks does.  Close your eyes and lay down for this one.


Then get right back the fuck up, with one of the best rappers doing it right now.  I don't know how exactly KRIT came up with "Cadillactica" but I want it to be my new last name.  However he did it, he must have known right then, in that moment, that no other title would do.

Diarrhea Planet

Yes, there is a band called Diarrhea Planet.  Yes, they are fucking awesome.  Yes, this does put me in a bit of a interesting situation when I want to tell people about them.  Particularly in public situations.  However, good thing I don't give a fuck about all that.  DIARRHEA PLANET!  Scream it in public.

Dirt Dress

Post-punk bands are fucking awesome.  They make the shape of music that fits perfectly into my ear holes.  Especially when you take an already awesome one, and then add a member that plays horns and keyboards into the mix.  Much respect.

Die Antwoord

DIE MOTHA FOOKIN ANTWOORD.  You best fucking believe that every single time the best duo in music (present Outkast excluded but not forgotten) drops a video, you will find it here.  Especially when it is the best banger on their new album.  Come for the Tony Montana reference, and celebrity cameos.  Stay for the absolutely amazing visuals and super rad Aphex Twin sample.  


Fuck That's Delicious

The best show on the Internet is back.  Enjoy, and make sure you aren't hungry before you watch it or you'll be so sorry.

Japanese Underground Racing

God damn Japan, why do you have to be so cool?  I don't think there is a person on the world that would not enjoy blazing around Tokyo at night in a Lambo that has flashing neon lights, and shoots fire out the back.  Bosozuku for life y'all.

Minions Trailer

It's happening.  IT IS HAPPENING!

Tim & Eric Totinos

Seriously, give me one reason why Tim and Eric should not do every single advertisement for the rest of their lifetimes.  You cannot do it can you.  You have not one single solitary reason why, nor should you.

Basketball Robot

Regular people aren't going to be the only ones losing their jobs to robots.  All I am saying is, watch your ass LeBron.


That's it.

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