Sunday, November 30, 2014

FUNDAY: Keep It Together Folks

Here's the thing: Sometimes you are just gonna have a bad week.  It's inevitable.  No matter what you do, you are gonna be overworked, yelled at, pissed off.  Or just spill coffee all over your crotch as you pull out of your driveway while already five minutes late.  The hot kind of coffee.  The real hot kind.

It can happen to anyone, whether you are a random office working John Q. Public, you could be asked to work on Saturday.  Or you could be a wildly successful rapper who has sold millions of albums, "working" on stage enjoying your colleague's newest hit, and this could happen:

The important thing to remember when struck by a bad day, is to, much like Busta, rebound.  Get back up and soldier on.  Change those coffee stained pants, treat those liquid burns on your thighs, and make it through the day.

You can do it, and if there's one thing you can count on, is that there will be a Funday there to wrap it's figurative arms around you when you get here.

Much respect and love, let's do this.


OT Genasis

Behold, the song so TURNT that it sonically murdered Busta Rhymes.  You can't blame Ol' OT though, because I believe that deep down inside of us all there is a need to just fucking jam to the most trap song you can find.  This is a trap music masterpiece.  Just don't be on a stage whilst listening to it.

Las Tetas

Three woman punk band that is named after the Spanish for boobs?  Sold.  Good thing for me they also make super rad music.

Frank Ocean


Riff Raff f/Snoop Dogg

Well Riff has hit the big time.  Well, to be fair, he already has hit the big time, but now he has a legit song with Snoop.  Willy Nelson made a song with Snoop Dogg, just saying the kind of league he is in.

Ty Dolla $ign

The Weeknd may be responsible for the creation of super ratchet R&B, and may also be the more capable singer.  Well not may, but is.  However, I think Ty Dolla has perfected the sound of said ratchetness, and boy do I love it.  This song has played continuously since I realized it was released a few weeks ago.  Also, Diplo should just quit Major Lazer and start producing every R&B and Rap song released from now on.  Not that Major Lazer is bad, but his production is just STELLAR.  Seriously, go look up a list of all the rap songs he has done, not a bad one on there.


Bad Lip Reading Hunger Games

These are always good.  This one is no exception.  Thank you Internet, for creating things that are so dumb.

A Brief History of Graphics

Five part series about graphics in video games is something I can get behind.  

British Grandma Plays GTA

Speaking of video games... First they are smoking weed, and now they are playing video games.  What is going on with grandmas these days?

Make the Husk Cheeseburger

You are gonna want to make this burger.  Go ahead and get the ingredients.  


That's all for this time folks.  Enjoy your week.  Even if it is bad.  Just remember the resilient spirit of Busta, and you cannot go wrong.

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