Monday, November 17, 2014

Fear Not For Gymkhana 7 Is Here

Take one shoe-magnate-turned-autoracer.  Add one 845 horsepower, four-wheel-drive insane custom 1965 Mustang.  Name said Mustang the Hoonicorn.  Sprinkle a little bit of insanity and a dash of originality, along with a heaping helping of balls.  You now have Gymkhana 7.


Yes Ken Block is back, with arguably his most popular feature:  The video series where he makes cars do things you don't imagine are possible.

For the seventh edition of his popular video series, Block this time took over another California city (last time it was San Francisco).  Taking to the streets of Los Angeles to make some rubber come off of his tires in very interesting ways.

Earlier this month we only could speculate as to how awesome the next iteration would be after we got a look at the new car Block would be using.  A Mustang so badass that with it's 410-cubic inch Roush Yates V8 was sure to come screaming into your dreams.

Or your nightmares.

Now we get to see what is going down for real.

Check it out:

I like the part where he power-slides around stuff.

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