Monday, November 17, 2014

Disney Looks So Good On Video Games

Oh Internet.  Why do you give us so many amazing gifts?

Never mind, don't answer that.   Just worry about giving us continued surprises like the one's below.  Also, don't answer that because you are not a conscious entity...yet.

But I digress.

There is a rather simple equation you can do to make cool things even better.  Here are the steps:

  1. Take one cool thing you enjoy
  2. Take another cool thing you enjoy
  3. Mash them together flawlessly
See?  Wasn't that easy?  Only three steps!

That is exactly the steps that artist Juli├ín Cantillo did when he took super old school Disney style animation (we are talking "Steamboat Willy" here) and added some video game spice to it.

Turns out, this works.  Very well.

Not in the sense that video games and Disney go well together, because despite owning both Star Wars and Marvel, they have yet to make a good game.  In the sense that video game characters look hella cool as old cartoons.

Like this:
Nintendo.  Make this a game.  Right now.

And this:
See above caption x 1 million.

And of course, this:
Even manages to make Sonic cool.  A Herculean effort.

Whistling old timey Mario is everything in the world.  Nintendo, please now make so many pieces of software, merchandise, cartoons, and movies of this that I inevitably hate it.  It will be so worth the ride.

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