Monday, November 3, 2014

Couple Caught Having Sex Continues To Have Sex

Sometimes you gotta just get it while you can, even if you are getting it in public.  Getting it in public in the view of authorities.

Can we get a little privacy here sir?  You can easily see that we are pixelated here.

A young, sexually adventurous couple was caught having sex on a bench by a car park attendant in Bengbu, a city in China's northern Anhui Province. Instead of stopping, the couple reportedly"just started to speed up."

Just to be clear here, they were not inside of a car.  They were just in the middle of things, quite literally, or perhaps towards the tail end...

The scene between 25-year-old Lei Mei Ni and her 26-year-old boyfriend Dong Jen, which was, of course, caught on tape by onlooker Jian She, shows the car park attendant shouting and urging them to just quit doin' it already:

Jian spoke with the Daily Mail:
A stunned Mr Jian said: "At first I thought he was asleep or just lying on top of her. But then I saw the tell-tale signs. His trousers being down also gave it away. But when the guard came over, rather than cover up, he just started to speed up."

The car park attendant, 40-year-old Tain Yu, explained to the Daily Mail why he didn't report them:
"I wouldn't say it was shocking, more weirdly comical. I was shouting at them to stop and they were saying they were nearly finished. I took down their names but in the end did not report them. They were very drunk."

Way to go Mr. Yu, something good has to be coming your way.  You are the kind of cool dude that understands sometimes people gotta just get it how they public.

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