Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Buffalo Has Been Swallowed By Snow

Buffalo, New York has been covered by snow, and when we say "covered" we actually mean the city has been swallowed by a snowstorm unlike most.  NOAA meteorologists say it is a heavy snow lake effect, which is apparently code for "Sweet baby Jesus our town is just now mostly snow!"

Check it out:

What is tha–DEAR JESUS!

You just know somebody forgot their gloves at home.

Hope you didn't plan on driving any time soon.

Everybody laughed at me when I bought those cross country skis...WHO IS LAUGHING NOW?!

Here it is in video form.  Almost looks like a giant cloud just got lost and flew down into the city.  That or the cloud said, "Fuck you Buffalo, I am tired of your shit.  Here's some snow.  And by some I mean the most snow."

Check  it out:

Good luck Buffalonians.  Godspeed.

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