Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Watch John Oliver Patiently School David Letterman on Football

Each day that passes we come closer to the inevitable retirement of David Letterman, a man who can only be described as a living legend of comedy.  While this ever-approaching date looms over us all, it is bittersweet, because of what is happening on the show right now.

Say it ain't so you mean ol' bastard.

Dave is having fun, and letting what hair he has down.  He has to do it, it's not like Paul can let his locks down.  The segments are longer, the conversations more silly, even the bits are goofier than ever before.

So when the man who is doing his best to be the next comedic late night legend, John Oliver appeared on The Late Show there was no possibility that it wouldn't be gold.

It was great, especially the part where John Oliver, who had to resort to comedy after he realized he would never be a professional soccer player, is still completely obsessed with English football, and happy to spend an entire interview explaining the game's various leagues—premier, peasant, Downton Abbey—to a confused David Letterman.

Eventually he had to give up:

"This is why soccer will never take off in the United States," he eventually says, giving up. "You can talk about it as long as you want, you eventually get to the point of an American saying 'What's the point?'"
Even better, Oliver wasn't even there to promote anything.  When Letterman went to show a clip, there wasn't one.  "I'm not in anything," Oliver replied.

Check it out:

Watch The Late Show, you'll miss ol' mean Dave when he's gone.

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