Sunday, October 5, 2014

Watch An Amazingly Awesome 10-Year-Old Interview J Mascis

"I think you're a guitar god, would you agree?" Um, no. "Well, I think you are." All right.

Recently J Mascis, of Dinosaur Jr., the man who is great at guitar and terrible at being considerate enough to answer questions in interviews, sat down to give an interview with a 10-year-old named Elliott. Elliott is more than qualified to interview such a music legend, as he is from Little Punk People.  Which if you are not familiar with, is an incredible thing that exists on the Internet, that you should totally check out if you love being happy.

Good at guitar, bad at answering things about himself.

When the two sat down for a Q&A at Philadelphia's World Cafe Live, those who have experienced the awkwardness that is a J Mascis interview before, could not be blamed for cringing.  However, this was not a normal everyday interview, as it was conducted by one of the coolest, cutest kids on the planet. 

Though he largely remained J Masic throughout, there are a few moments when Elliott's cuteness seemed to break him. ("Did your mom get you those glasses so you look like Milo?") ("Yep. Milo from the Descendants.")  Elliott for his credit was unfazed by the difficult answers, because he is a kid, and everything is still delightful for him.  Which in turn, can melt the hearts of everyone watching (yours truly included.)

Favorite quote:
"Sometimes I feel like your songs are hugging me. Thanks for making great songs."

Check it out below

Don't even worry about your life Elliott, it is surely going to be awesome.

For those wondering, here's what a regular J Mascis interview is like (poor MTV's Kennedy):

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