Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thirsty Polar Bear Drinking All The Seal Oil

Living in Alaska can be tricky, especially when you want to hold onto your barrel of seal oil.  That's because polar bears love drinking that stuff.  

A polar bear in Kaktovik, Alaska was caught rummaging in a homeowner's barrel of seal oil on Friday. The large bear was shooed away by a roving polar bear patrol crew. Hold up—what? Tell us more about that polar bear patrol part.

Yes, living in the northernmost state might require your town to organize some unusual neighborhood watches.  Like the 300 person town did.  It has a part-time staff of citizens who are there to keep these massive beasts at bay.  No seal oil bonanzas for those pesky polar bears.

People like Ruby Kaleak, who was called in to solve the problem.

She brought her shotgun.

From the Alaska Dispatch-News:

"We parked and looked all over for bears," Kaleak said. "I myself was about to jump out of the truck and go check inside the arctic entryway."
Just then, she saw a shadow. From inside the entryway, the head of a polar bear popped up. Its body filled the doorframe. 
"I was shocked. It was humongous," Kaleak said. "Just the neck and head was half the size of me, and I'm 5 (feet) 2 (inches )."

The victim of the attack, 81-year-old Betty Brower, called to report the large animal while hiding under her window.  After Kaleak and her coworker managed to shoe the bear away, but not before it tried to get back into the house.

Hide your seal oil Alaskans, they are drinking everything out there.

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