Thursday, October 30, 2014

Walking Down The NYC Streets As A Man Turns Out To Be The Best

Sure, walking down the street as a woman comes with constant catcalls and unwanted attention, microaggressions that add up to an uncomfortable experience no matter how benign any single incident may appear.  Basically a disgusting nightmare.

Having your privacy and personal space invaded willingly and repeatedly by assholes on the street sucks.  Furthermore, there's not much a normal woman can do about it other than get angry every 5 minutes and wear herself out shouting down every asshole that hollers her way.

However there is one alternative that nobody thought of: Have you tried being a man? It's awesome!

Especially the whole "having a penis" part.

Funny or Die decided to follow one white man (who wasn't even dressed provacatively) as he walked around New York for 10 straight hours of delightful privilege.  Without even opening his mouth, he received over 100 instances of white-guy perks and basic human respect.

Sure, it wasn't all candy bars and lollipops though, there was that one guy that high-fived him for about 5 minutes.  That must have been annoying.

With his luck, strangers on the internet will probably start threatening him with business opportunities or offers of more free stuff just for existing.

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