Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sarah Silverman Solves The Wage Gap, Ladies Just Get A Sex Change

No matter what politicians say, feminists campaign for, journalists report on, or presidents executive order, women still make 78 cents to every man's dollar.  It's a fact, and a dismal one that continues to plague our society.  

Despite it being a rather simple concept, just fucking pay women equally, things still are screwed majorly.  Often with employers seeing the same resume with a man's name and then a woman's name, and paying the man's name more despite the identical nature of their qualifications.

Don't worry though, it is finally solved.  All it took was one comedian.

Nailed it.

Sarah Silverman, "writer, comedian, and vagina owner," is no longer going to wait for the rest of the country to get on board to fix this inequality. In a new video, which to be clear is a satire for all the morons out there, she proposes the only rational solution left—get a sex change.

She explains:
"Every year the average woman loses around $11,000 to the wage gap," Silverman explains, while waiting patiently to choose the perfect penis for her surgical transformation. "Over the course of the working years of her life, that's almost 500 grand." 
"That's a $500,000 vagina tax."

Don't let me convince you though ladies, let one of your own sex give it to you straight:

You even get a penis out of the deal, which let me tell you, can be pretty sweet.

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