Friday, October 3, 2014

Rap Legend Big Pun's Mom Might Be A Serial Bank Robber

First things first, RIP to the legend Big Punisher.

That out of the way, Big Pun may be gone, however his mother lives on, and she might just be living large in a different way than he did.  Because she is allegedly a geriatric repeat bank robber.

I'm not a playa, I just steal a lot.

On Sept. 23, 63-year-old Gail Simpson was arrested for robbing a Wells Fargo branch in southwest Miami. But that Simpson is a prolific elderly bank robber—she's currently on probation stemming from a June conviction for felony attempted armed robbery—Now, normally this would be news in and of itself.  An elderly bank robber who just cannot quit the robbin' lifestyle.  However, there is one more particular detail that makes it infinitely more interesting:

It's that she appears to be the mother of legendary rapper Big Pun.

This bit of news has hit the rap blogs like a ton of bricks.  Especially after many found out that "Gail Simpson" matches the list of names associated with "Gail Tirado," which is the associated surname of Pun's birth mother.  Everybody knows you gotta have a few aliases if your job is robbing folks.

The unfortunate subtext of this story is that if Gail Simpson is indeed the alias of Pun's mother, she appears to have robbed banks twice this year because her family has squandered what was left of the deceased rapper's estate. (Fat Joe, rapper and close friend of Pun's, has been embroiled in a number of litigations with Pun's family over royalties.)

Which if all this is true, really is a bummer.  However, it allows me as a fan of rap one pure joy, the ability to once again say Fuck Fat Joe, that talented hack, and praise Big Papi himself: The Big Punisher, one of the greatest emcees to ever touch the mic.

Let's remember him as he was.  Rollin' Benzes and remote locking his private chopper:

RIP. TS FOREVER. (Minus Fat Joe of course.)

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