Monday, October 27, 2014

Lavar Burton Curses For Sick Children

Every year during the end of October to the beginning of November is a special time for a certain section of the enthusiast population.  For years now it has historically been the time when everybody who shares both a love for video games and doing something for others comes together for Extra Life.

For the uninitiated, Extra Life is a huge organization that helps raise money to help hospitalized kids all over the country.  Gamers from all over, along with gaming websites and personalities hold their own live streams where they often take part in video game marathons.  During these marathons they ask for donations which will 100% go to various hospitals and organizations for sick children.

It's the best.  Really.

What makes these streams unique is that most of the fundraisers often sweeten the pot to incentivize all of their viewers to donate.  Sometimes they offer giveaways of prizes, and sometimes they offer even better things: Like Lavar Burton.

Yep, for one popular online video game enthusiast group, Rooster Teeth, they were able to do just that, brining in the voice of your childhood to read a filthy children's book for charity.

Burton, who is no stranger to helping children, or raising money for charity, appeared on the stream reading the hilariously expletive filled "childrens" book Go The Fuck to Sleep. Burton's narration of the Adam Mansbach book is both hilarious and sweet, and just the kind of thing that gets people to open up their wallets.

Check it out:

Roster Teeth raised more than $82,000 for Children's Miracle Network hospitals in a handful of hours.  If you want to take part in the fun and charity visit Twitch to watch the streams or Extra Life t donate directly.  

Next year, maybe Sam Jackson will make an appearance.

For the kids!

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