Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jay Z "Sons" Frenchman With Flawless "Who Are You?" Answer

It is hard to believe that there is still a person in this world that doesn't know the face of the undisputed King of New York (you can still keep calling yourselves this title other rappers, but that doesn't make it true.)

Tha God Hova, AKA J. Hova, as in Jehova (bet some of you just figured out that nickname right now didn't you?) touched down in Paris with Blue Ivy in toe not to live out the events of his excellent Kanye collaboration, but because he is Jay Z and he does whatever the fuck he wants at all times.

It's true.

However, on his way across a large Parisian square, he comes in contact with perhaps the most musically ignorant man on the planet.  A man who in fact, somehow has missed out on Hip Hop.  This is the only relevant explanation for the man's question to Hova.  The fact that he is given one opportunity to ask one of the best rappers and biggest stars in the world a quick "Q" and asks this:

As you can see though, Jay does not suffer fools, and promptly "Sons" the man super hard.  Of course the simplest of comebacks works for him, he is the best.  Also, as a good father, he knows that Blue should not be forced to endure this man's ignorance of her daddy's accomplishments, thereby quickly making the Frenchie his son with a vengeance.

Now as for you French man, I am willing to bet that you may have missed out on the entirety of Hip Hop music.  It is not that old of a genre considering that in one 50 year span, someone could have grown up with the birth and evolution of the music and been somewhere else (like one of those French caves with all the paintings in them.)  However, I refuse to believe that anyone in the world fails to recognize Mr. Beyonce.  You don't know this man is married to Beyonce, and thus deduce his name?

Also, why are you filming the guy if you don't even know who he is?

Get outta here!

Also, person who wrote the title of this vine, the same exact response would totally work for Solange.

The best thing about this is the woman who gently whispers "Beyonce" (no "é") to the cameraman.

Go on Jay, some people just cannot be helped.

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