Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Harry Potter Can Rap Everybody

Last night on The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon had a special guest in Daniel Radcliffe, who of course will forever be known to many (despite his best efforts) as Harry Potter.

Seriously, he's doing some cool stuff.

Radcliffe was there to promote an upcoming movie, however like it so often does in late night television (in the very best way) the conversation turned away from films and into other territory.  Like the musical kind.  To be more specific, the rap music genre, which Radcliffe is surprisingly a huge fan of.

The young actor mentioned that one of his hobbies with regards to enjoying rap music is to make a point to learn the most intricate and lyrically complicated songs by heart, which on a late night television show often instantly equates to a challenge.

In a set up but no less entertaining bit, Fallon then challenged Radcliffe to recite one of the most historically lyrically deft songs in the catalogs of rap music history: Blackalicious' "Alphabet Arobics."  A song that could not be more appropriately titled.

Radcliffe of course accepted, and with a little help from Fallon and of course The Roots, who are no stranger to deft lyrical music.  The result, in all it's glory, you will find below.

Check it out:

Potter can spit.

Also, seriously go check out Blackalicious, their music will make you feel that emotion that is sometimes hard to get ahold of these days.  Talking about pure happiness.

Exhibit A:

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