Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Getty Images Are Just Too Hard

Getty Images is a company that you have no doubt heard about if you ever had to do a college or high school project and needed a photo of a enthused person talking on a phone, or a group of business people walking down a hallway smiling.

Yes Getty Images is pretty much the Coca-Cola of stock images and footage.  A company that has become synonymous with the products they provide, which is usually the kind of shit that you see in those horrible videos you have to watch when you get hired at a terrible service job.

They make tons of money by hiring actors to put on a suit, or act like a typical whitebread USA family, all while smiling the type of smiles that you just cannot genuinely display.  Even if you are at your happiest.

You know, stuff like this...
It's the kind of thing that is super boring on it's own.  The kind of company that infuriated you late nights before your Powerpoint was due, when you find the perfect photo of John Lennon to steal off the Internet, only to realize it has a fucking Getty Images watermark on it, and you will be fucked if you are gonna pony up your last dollars to actually legally buy it.

After all, that money is for beer.

Now, being that Getty Images is an entity that exists on the Internet, people have found a way for it to be made into something totally fun.  Turns out, Getty stock footage is pretty perfect when set to rap music.  It's like you already had your music video made for you.

Prepare yourself for enjoyment, and a whole bunch of inner monologue questions:

Office life, fo' lyfe.

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