Sunday, October 26, 2014

Funday: Run It All Day

Look, I was going to write a nice intro and everything, then something happened.  Something monumental and totally unexpected.  So I won't waste your time with words.  I will simply say hit play, and enjoy.

I guarantee you will...

Funday y'all.  Run it.


Rich Gang

Say what you will about Birdman's rap skills (or lack thereof) but one thing about him is undeniable.  He is one of the most astute star-makers in popular music today.  After all, this guy has been instrumental in the careers of three of the biggest musicians of the past decade in Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Drake.  Now he has done it again.  He has taken two relatively middle of the road but talented rappers and made them into an incredibly effortless hit-makers.  Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan have put out one of the best mixtapes of the year on their incredible chemistry, and their ability to sing when they need to and rap when needed.  Just look at how these two play off each other in the video, it's visual.  Also, fun game, try to figure out that handshake just by watching the video repeatedly.  It will be fun and have a great soundtrack.

Gwen Stefani

Hey everyone, Gwen is back!  Yeah sure, the video is pretty tame, and the song isn't too original, but no matter.  Gwen holds a special place in just about everyone's heart who was born mid 80's to early 90's so I continue to be excited about this.  Also, this could mean that the inevitable Gwen solo, then No Doubt group album cycle could continue.  Which I am very on board for, even if their last album kinda sucked as well.

Girl Talk & Freeway f/ASAP Ferg

Holy shit this video features just about everything that I think is cool.  Good rapping, catchy music, The Simpsons, AK47s, attitude, and above all MOTHER FUCKIN' FERG.  Girl Talk and Freeway teamed up last year, and while at first it seemed a strange pairing, quickly I figured out that the awesome singular qualities that each partner had only served to enhance their teamup.  Just like when Batman and Superman hang out and kick people's asses.

Peaking Lights

I am just gonna be honest here.  I included this one only because it reminds me of the "Sledgehammer" video.  Shout out to Peter Gabriel.

Low Pros f/Travis Scott

Last year producers A-Trak and Lex Luger, two men who each define one of the two types of "Trap Music" teamed up to form Low Pros.  Since then they have been making music that blurs those lines.  It has been a good idea that they did this.  This time they recruited one of Texas' up and comers to wander around a futuristic Japanese city in one of the coolest videos I have seen in a while.


The 20,000 Calorie Diet

Meet Robert.  He is a lovable, hairy, bearded giant man, whose job is to be a literal strongman.  To be a strongman, you need to eat.  A ton.  Almost literally, a ton of delicious and protein rich meats.  Follow a regular day in the life of a man who can eat as much meat as his giant body allows him to.  What a wonderful life.

Extreme Enduro Motorcycles

What happens when you hold a motorcycle race in the streets and alleys of Portugal?  Some serious shit.  Come along for a ride with two dudes whose figurative balls are gigantic, as you witness the insanity.


Don't feel bad Americans.  Everybody in Europe hates each other just as much as we think they all hate us.  But it's all cool, the tiny cartoons will make it not feel so bad.

Il Capo

Watch some high-definition cameras and some dudes with heavy machinery answer the questions you didn't even know you wanted to ask.  Like, I wonder how cool a marble quarry must look? (Awesome.) Or, wouldn't it be cool to live inside of a marble quarry?  (Yes.) You know, stuff like that.

Slow Memes

Gav and Dan, AKA the Slow Mo Guys, are back to recreate your favorite memes, but with their own spin.  That would be the ultra slow mo.  This is pretty much what the Internet exists for.


Get out there and be somebody.  See you next week.

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