Sunday, October 5, 2014

Funday: Rejoice In The Internet World Around You

You know what everyone?  We should all be happy.  We should all be happy to be able to live in a world where we have the wonderful Internet and all the ridiculous things it provides.

We coexist in this world that provides us with double rainbow guys, dogs that talk about bacon, and even pictures of cats that look like this:

Thought I was going for Grumpy Cat didn't you!

Our glorious Internet Overlord knows what we want, and she provides it for us.  That is the spirit of Funday, and in that spirit you should celebrate.

Praise the Internet and it will shower wonderful entertainment on you.  For instance, I wrote this intro and just as I was finishing this article I was bestowed my own personal gift.  The triumphant return of the most charismatic rapper currently in the game:


OOOOOOHHHHH WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! He's back y'all.

My faith in the Internet shall never fail.

Let's go!



The first time I clicked on this video, I thought it might be one of those hoodwinks where an Internet fool puts "PHARRELL OFFICIAL VIDEO" over their jump cuts of anime footage.  It's worse than getting Rick Rolled.  Then I did a little research and found out that Skateboard-P recruited none other than Takashi Murakami to do this video, which explains it all.  If you don't know who he is: First, get your ass some culture.  Second, go get your copy of Graduation and look at the amazing art on it, that's him.  Murakami is a god and should do every music video ever.

Bass Drum of Death

A straight classic in every way possible.  Don't worry, I won't spoil neither the song or the video for you.  Watch it now.


Chromeo is like an old Detroit muscle car.  When it is winter and you can't fucking drive anywhere, and it leaks oil you can really fucking hate it.  However, when the summer rolls around, and you are cranking 8-cylinders of pure steel ownage, there is nothing better.  Chromeo can be both variations of that muscle car, but currently they are summer bound, firing on all cylinders.  Also, first you get ASAP Ferg, and now HAIM to hang out in your videos?!  Kings of the video cameo get, nobody else even comes close.


Sure I love Riff Raff, and Yung Lean, and every other Internet rapper that it is easy to ironically like while simultaneously not so secretly like genuinely.  Lakutis however, doesn't even have a fucking pinkie toe in the ironic enjoyment pond from me.  He is, in just about every way, the best.  

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

I am at a crossroads with this one.  I really fucking like this song, all over, right up to the part where they want to be like James Dean.  James Dean was a no talent asshole who was in less than 5 movies and died like an idiot.  On top of that, wanting to be "cool as James Dean"  is just about the biggest pop culture cliche I could think of.  Now, if they just replaced his name with Paul Newman, or even Marlon Brando, two men who have more iconic moments in their pinky finger, we would have a jam on our hands.  There's always the remix...


What You Have To Watch

Let the good people at College Humor and the "US Office of Mandatory Media" save you some time by showing you just what you need to watch to be in on that sweet sweet zeitgeist.  Also, let me reiterate here, fuck those remakes, just go see the movies that were good enough to be remade in the first place.  Robocop is the greatest movie ever.

McConaughey's Speech

Matthew McConaughey is an American treasure.

And The Other Way Is Wrong

Speaking of American treasures, David Mother Fucking Fincher.  Take a few minutes of your day and realize the insane amount of planning that goes into not only making a movie good, but using your subconscious brain to help you understand the intricacies of the plot and character's relationships.  Fincher is a master, and like him or not, his skill at making movies is pretty damn incredible.

Interstellar Trailer

Double McConaughey this week!  Also, there is absolutely no way that this movie can go wrong.  Even if Anne Hathaway is in it.  Space, spaceships, McConaughey, earth being all fucked, and Christopher "I love plot holes but am good at making movies" Nolan.  What a collection of things that I enjoy on a movie screen.

The Sun & The Earth

Your obligatory science video so that you can look like a smart guy/gal tomorrow at work.  Just watch it, and give your brain a rest from Gilmore Girls, or whatever dumb things guys are watching.  Your brain deserves it, trust me.

Bonus Clip

That's it.  Now get outta here and go enjoy that week!  Watch some cat videos or something!

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