Sunday, October 19, 2014

Funday: Don't Listen To The Weatherman

It's Funday again everyone, which can only mean one thing.  After today you most likely have to go back to work, which will make you sad.

That doesn't mean though, that we cannot work on it.  Try to make you happy to enter that week.  Not just from viewing all the best music videos and viral content from this past week collected here for your convenience, but also with a little pep-talk.

You see, all you need is an inspiration.  Someone to put you in the right mindset, someone to get your gears turning in all the right ways.

Now, I wouldn't presume to be that person, but lucky for you I know who is.  His name is Ripple, he's 18 months old, and he just so happens to be a dog.

Check it out:

Did you see that?  Ripple is who you need to aspire to.  The being that you can be.  Does he care that he is on some magoo weatherman's show?  No!  There is not one fuck that he gives.  Does he think about how he is throwing the show off track with all of his antics?  Not one bit.  He just does what comes naturally, and by doing that he enhances everything around him.  W

Would anyone care about the weather in Edmonton without Ripple being there?  No.  No they would not.  So I ask you Funday fans, can you become the inner-Ripple inside you?  Can you jump up and chew on the proverbial leash that is your work week and come out the other side panting with glee?

Yes. Yes you can.

I believe in you.

Let's go.


iLoveMakkonen f/Drake

You just have to love the Atlanta rap scene right now.  The reason?  It is practically dripping weirdness and originality right now, unlike any other geographical area of rappers.  Case in point, the newest star to emerge out the south: iLoveMakkonen.  Sometimes he raps, others he sings, and always he carries a plastic doll head around with him for kicks.  Oh, yeah, he also makes club bangers that are as amusing as they are bumping.  Enough that Drake would take notice and jump right on that shit.

Mike Will Made It f/Riff Raff & iLoveMakkonen

Hey, what do you know, more Makkonen!  Normally I try to avoid Mike Will Made It on principle for picking the worst alias that any producer or rapper has ever come up with.  However, I cannot deny a Riff Raff song.  Especially one where he rhymes "syrup in my soda" with his alternate moniker ("Jody Highroller.")  So much fun.

Calvin Harris

Hey Mr. Harris, you want people like me to give a fuck about your music?  Keep making songs that sound like they belong on a mid 90's Prodigy album and I will be a loyal devotee from now until forever. 

Nicholas Krgovich

Talk about delightful pop dancin' music...Also, shouldn't every music video just be a person miming the lyrics while they dance around?  It always works, and is either charming, impressive, or funny.  Sometimes even a mixture of all three.  Well done.

Ghostface Killah f/BADBADNOTGOOD

Quick question: What happens when you mix one of the most original and downright entertaining rappers of all time with one of the most exciting young jazz bands of the past few years?  Well, for start you get a pair of amazing collaborations with this one being the second.  Also, you get them to decide to do an album together, which just shot up to the top of my list of anticipated albums.

Foo Fighters f/Rick Nielsen

I don't know if you have been watching the Foo Fighters' residency on Letterman this week, but you fucking should have been watching it!  The Foos are there to promote their documentary series and album both entitled Sonic Highways, the television portion of debuted this past Friday on HBO.  For the series they traveled the country and explored what influences people in their geography to make their own unique music, and rather than play their songs they recorded the band used this week long stint to just have fun playing the awesome bands they went to visit for the doc.  This time they welcomed Cheap Trick guitarist and legend Rick Nielsen to do a cover of the band, but had Dave Grohl take up the drums from Taylor Hawkins and put The Hawk on vocal duties.  Needless to say, they should do this more often, Hawkins can sing, and it is easy to forget sometimes how rad of a drummer Dave is, until he hits those skins again.


Japanese Footwork

When Mike Pardinas, the boss of label Planet Mu, put out 2010's electronic album Bangs & Works vol. 1 he pretty much had no idea that this collection of British Footwork music, that is, music that is designed for a particular fancy footwork kind of dancing would not only find it's way to Japan, but inspire it's own movement there.  Now Japanese folks are listening to and competing with their best footwork 4 years later, taking time from riding in their lowrider convertible to boogie against each other.  It's the kind of culture melding that makes it fascinating to be a part of this lovely world.  Also, check out the article that got me hip right here.

Winning The Scene

As a huge fan of movies, one of the most interesting things I have ever gotten to do was take a film studies class in high school.  It opened my eyes to the incredible amount of detail that goes into constructing each and every scene, and how masterful directors commit countless hours just to get the right camera angle to make your brain subconsciously connect with their message.  It made me love movies all the more and I wish that anyone who shares my love could get a chance to do the same thing. I distinctly remember going over this scene and learning how geniusly the technical direction helps convey the change in power going on, without explicitly telling you about it.  It's the kind of stuff that you don't ever notice, but your brain does.  See what I mean below.

Otters Love Sushi

Nothing to see here, just some of the best animals eating their own version of some of the best food.  

Captivating Cardistry

Somebody teach me everything in this video.  Fuck a card trick, I want to be able to know how to do everything here.  Amazing stuff.

Bill Murray on Letterman

Did I mention that you should be watching Letterman right now?  Especially when Bill Fucking Murray makes an appearance in a tuxedo, once again flashing his knowing looks and glint in his eye.  You know, the one that is secretly pulling your leg with his every response, but only because he knows you want him to.  Seriously, there's only gonna be so many more of these kinds of moments now that Dave is retiring next year.  Don't miss them.  Also, Dave, maybe after you retire from late night, you and Bill can just have a show where you talk to each other for two hours every weekday.  It could be a morning show.


That's it.  Now get out there and be the best human being you can be.  Grab that leash!  See you next time.

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