Sunday, October 12, 2014

Funday: And Then It Was All Okay

People, you should have been here.  I was all set to write a real intro this week.  One that was going to be about all the positivity and uplifting aspects of this planet that we all share, that so often we aren't able to see.  How certain dumps of information exist and come to prevalence on the understanding that fear is a selling point, and all we need to do is just give a little effort to find the wonderful things that are still and continue to go on.

I was so ready to write about all that, then I didn't need to.  For probably the first time ever, I stumbled upon a picture that so perfectly encapsulates what I wanted to express, that no words are needed for accompaniment.

You want some positivity in the world?  Some assurance that at the end of the day, everything is going to be alright?  Here you go:

And...BOOM!  Just like that, the world smiles.


Pharrell f/Daft Punk

After helping them take over the world with "Get Lucky" it was only fair that the French robotic duo returned the favor.  Good thing that they did, because they might have just helped Pharrell make the best song on his album, and that is including "Happy."  This straight up sounds like something MJ would have made circa 1979, which is probably the best compliment it could have.

Ty Segall

This guy just cannot make a bad song.  How?  How is he so consistent you might wonder?  Because he found a niche (garage rock) and just stuck the fuck with it.  He didn't delve into psych-rock, or become a surf guitarist.  Nope.  Garage rock, and only garage rock.  See kids, if you stick with something, you can get really good at that thing.

Broken Bells

You gotta love how James Mercer can so effortlessly make slick music, but can't even walk through  a frozen club scene without looking like an awkward mess.  Danger Mouse still looks cool though, so I guess there is that.  Who would have guessed that of all his legendary collaborations, the one that would work the best would be with the dude from The Shins?

Tinashe f/Dev Hynes

Guess what.  When everybody tells you an album is great, it probably is.  I was expecting some lame electronic R&B, and what I got instead was the female version of The Weeknd and Jeremih when he's doing his most interesting work.  It took me a while to get hip, but consider me fully on board.  


Riding in the Tesla

We live in the future.  The future is now.  

X-Ray Yoga

I am pretty sure that you've never seen a Downward Dog like this one.  Makes my spine hurt just looking at the damn thing.

Empire Strikes Back Remake

Forget all those new-fangled Star Wars movies that are probably gonna suck.  That's because a group of fans remade the best one, shot-for-shot.  Here it is, lost hands, carbonite, Millennium Falcons and all.  Check it out.


I have never wanted to see a movie more without knowing any additional information about it.  Well, maybe that's not true.  Pretty sure I wanted none of Step Brothers spoiled for me, and was all the more flabbergasted when it finally released.  What secrets do you hold George Clooney?  Tell me your secrets!  Show me your castles bathed in fields of wheat!  

Bonus Clip

That's all for this time.  Now spend your week wondering if you could take one photo that would be as amazing as Jay and Bey's Mona Lisa Extravaganza.  Really consider it.  That's your homework.

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