Monday, October 20, 2014

Every Alternate Version of The Simpsons Is Wonderful

Last night The Simpsons celebrated Halloween once again with their annual Treehouse of Horror special.  The 25th incarnation to be specific. In a rather great episode that featured three smaller unconnected stories as usual, they managed to send Bart and Lisa to Hell (where Bart of course excelled in Hell's elementary school), played a loving tribute to Stanley Kubrick (which featured a Barry Lyndon reference that I am sure only I got), and then ended with a beautiful spoof on themselves in a Simpson's version of The Others as Lisa wonders if there could be other versions of her lovable clan.

The answer is yes, as ghosts.  And the ghosts were themselves.  As in the original strangely drawn and voiced version of the family that appeared first on The Tracey Ullman Show and subsequently the first season of their own animated series.  As a fan, it was fun to see the characters drawn so weird, and even more fun to hear the actors voice them like they did over 20 years ago, when Homer was less Homer and more Walter Matthau (his original voice inspiration.)

However, the show of course didn't leave it at one version of the family, as right before the credits the other versions of the family begin to show up.  Which was, in a word, wonderful.

Oh yeah.

Computer generated Simpsons?  Anime ninja Simpsons? Despicable Me Minion Simpsons?!?  Every single one is great and such a treat not only to fans of the series but fans of animation as well.  They even threw in their own tribute to French animator Sylvain Chomet.

Check it out, and I dare you not to smile with the numerous surprises:

Well done.  Now let's go ahead and green light Minion Simpsons already, okay Fox?

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