Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bill Murray Doesn't Need Tinder

Bill Murray is in a new movie called St. Vincent, which is supposed to be pretty good.  This is good news, but the real good news is that ol' Bill has to go and promote the new movie he is in, which means we all get to benefit from him being on late night television.   The environment where Bill Murray can be Bill Murray, and by this fact we all benefit.

This is good.
Earlier this month that meant he appeared on David Letterman's show wearing a tuxedo, and training for the NY Marathon.  Last night he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show where the topic of conversation turned to Tinder, and whether or not Bill needed or enjoyed using it.  He said simply what most of us probably already thought about Bill Murray on Tinder.  He would use it, but he probably didn't need to:

"I think it would be amusing, but I can't imagine doing it," he told Kimmel. "I feel like I've lived that life and I can live that life any moment."

Murray also told Kimmel about his recent bout of just showing up out of nowhere. He's dying to go to the airport and just fly somewhere, anywhere. "I'm not giving up on my dream," he said, trailing off.

You don't even need to make anymore movies Bill, just go on talk shows every week and talk.  That's all we need.

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