Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Better Call Saul Has A Music Video You Are Gonna Want To See

First there were billboards, then 1-second "trailers, and now Better Call Saul, AMC's latest idea to extend the life of Breaking Bad with a prequel has it's own music video.  Whatever you think of the idea of focusing a prequel (which makes people groan) around fan favorite Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman character, you can't knock this kind of marketing.

Note: The billboard 

At the conclusion of the network's alliterative "Breaking Bad Binge" marathon this past Sunday, the network revealed to date their longest and most unique look at the anticipated show in the form of video set to music.  And no, before you ask, it is sadly not Bob Odenkirk performing the music as Saul (we can dream though.)

The tunes are provided by country troubadour Junior Brown in a video that is both surreal, and an extended insight into what viewers may be in store for.

In the video, which is reminiscent of the musical opening from the Breaking Bad Season Two episode "Negro y Azul," Brown's lyrics suggest possible plot lines from the upcoming series, with crimes ranging from drunk-driving to shoplifting to a creepy case of child abduction.
"Your husband disappeared in the most convenient way / Now your troubles are gone, the insurance will surely pay / You get to the bank but the cops say 'Whoa!' / Who you gonna dial when they lock you down low?," Brown sings. "Saul, Saul, you better call Saul / He'll fight for your rights, when your back's to the wall / He'll stick it to the man, justice for all."
We also finally get to see some snippets from the actual show, with Saul performing in the courtroom, and standing in front of a billboard advertising the services of one James McGill (Saul's real name.)

Many of the original crew that made Breaking Bad so special is on board including series creator Vince Gilligan, writers Gennifer Hutchinson and Thomas Schnauz, and even fan favorite actors like Jonathan Banks.  Banks will reprise the role of Mike Ehrmantraut, as he is still a private detective in the prequel.

The show itself is set in 2002, allowing it to be distanced enough from the exploits of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

We will all see what we are in for when Better Call Saul debuts February 2015.  Despite not even airing one episode it has already been renewed for season 2.  AMC is all in on this one.

Check it out:


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