Friday, October 10, 2014

AOTW: The Idiot Who Cried Ebola

Welcome back to the Asshole of The Week, where each Friday we single out one person, place, or thing from the week that is the absolute worst.  This week we have one man who couldn't be more stupid on an airplane.

Perhaps you may have heard, but the world is at large in a very serious crisis.  An outbreak of ebola in western Africa has infected thousands and is threatening to spread elsewhere as health workers continue to be affected by the deadly disease.

Not a joke. At all.

It is clearly, to any rational and sane person, not something you would want to joke about.  Nor even talk about lightly.  It kills people, there is no cure, and those people affected die in an awful fashion.

Health workers and authorities, despite their best efforts are unable to keep every person affected in quarantine, as a few infected individuals have left the disease zones only to turn up in their home countries, risking the disease spreading to new continents.  The trouble is that those who are often infected do not show any symptoms until they have already left the countries in trouble.

That is why when you make a joke about it on an airline, you easily become this week's ASSHOLE.

Exactly that is what one idiot man did upon a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, where the entire flight was held upon landing yesterday after a sneezing passenger joked about having been to Africa.

Now, joking about being to Africa isn't necessarily a cause for concern.  There is relatively a small area of the continent that is being affected by the disease.  No, it was what the man said immediately afterwards that was completely and utterly stupid.
"I have Ebola, you are all screwed," the 54-year-old man said, according to the Dominican news site Diario Libre. Fox News reported he also screamed, "I've been to Africa!"
Idiotic? Of course.  Incredibly callous?  Completely.  Even if the man wasn't joking, and is a total hypochondriac, he is still a moron for even suggesting what he did.

You see, given the current climate around the spread of ebola, authorities that hear someone exclaim that they have the disease, especially when you proclaim this on a plane that has already landed in another country.

They tend not to take it lightly. Like responding by holding the whole flight for 2 hours while a medical team boarded the plane in hazmat suits and took the passenger to a separate medical health area, where he was examined and found not to have the lethal disease. The Ministry of Public Health also confirmed the scare was a false alarm.

The dumbass and/or hypochondriac, who was also found not to have been to Africa, is being returned to the United States, where he will be checked again.

Oh and there's video:

Congratulations anonymous man, for both making light of a horrible situation, and being a general idiot you are this week's Asshole of The Week.  You've more than earned it.

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