Friday, October 24, 2014

A Large Amount of People Would Like To Be Extras On Game of Thrones

People like that Game of Thrones don't you know.  Lot's of people.  So many people that when a recent Spanish casting call for extras went out to the masses, people went all like they were the freed slaves of Meereen and flooded all over the servers. (That's a little bad Thrones humor for you.) With 86,000 people turning up for 600 roles that were available.

Don't worry, they brought their own costumes.

According Entertainment Weekly, local production company Fresco Film had to purchase new servers to handle the overload of Spanish fans, just one of many hurdles producers have facedwhile shooting this season.

One guy, who totally seems like he is the coolest, even took a break from his "high level banking job" to perhaps appear for a split-second in the background of a television show.

The fandom was strong. The production has also turned low-level PA's into celebrities—fans reportedly requested pictures with staffers because they had Game of Thrones badges on.

The Westeros mania however did have at least one positive effect:
Obviously, local officials are thrilled with the attention and visitors, as Getty reports that all of the hotel rooms in Osuna have been booked through the end of October, and the tourism center has even extended its hours to accommodate the show's fans who traveled with the hopes of getting to participate in a scene.
So hear that Osuna small business owners?  Start selling Daenerys coffee, and Stannis sweetrolls or something.  Clearly these suckers will fall for it all.

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