Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Watch Stephen Colbert Lose It Over The New Apple Watch

Yesterday Apple had their annual press conference which once again blazed the tech world with some new Apple products for the Apple faithful.  This time there was (of course) a newer, bigger iPhone that is bigger yet smaller.  Then there is another even bigger iPhone, for those people who want to make sure their phone cannot fit in their pocket anymore.

But wait, there's more!  Never one to miss out on a trend, they are getting their hands on the "wearable" computing market with the new i-excuse me-Apple Watch.


Naturally, people are excited.  Perhaps though, nobody is as excited as noted slavish Apple fanboy Stephen Colbert.  So it's no surprise that he basically vibrated apart into a million tiny pieces at the announcement of the new Apple Watch, even though it's not available until next year.

Perhaps Apple will again notice his enthusiasm and reward him with one early, like it did with the iPad years ago.  Until then, he will have to make due with his cargo-cultish homemade device.  Check out his enthusiasm below:

Good luck Stephen.

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