Monday, September 22, 2014

John Oliver Wants to Know Why We Still Have A Miss America Pageant

It is 2014 everybody, and we still live in a world where there is a Miss America pageant. The same pageant that years ago literally measured women to see which ones were the best. The same pageant that is perhaps best known as a bizarre, voyeuristic, occasionally hilarious sideshow, while simultaneously purporting to be a philanthropic event.

Miss America has long claimed to be the "largest provider of scholarships to women." Turns out, that's mostly true and dizzyingly complicated. 

Somebody get this woman a scholarship, quick!

Through it all- the dance numbers, the swimsuits, the the inexplicable ventriloquism—it was very difficult not to think: How the fuck is this still happening?" 


Naturally John Oliver made last Sunday's event the focus of his latest episode of Last Week Tonight, and examined just how this thing still exists.  How in 2014 we still have a pageant of beautiful women run by the ugliest person in the world- Donald Trump.

So watch John dissect the insanity that is the 2014 world where we still have a Miss America pageant by using Breaking Bad similes, reacting to the ridiculous questions asked to contestants, and shitting all over Trump.  As it should be:

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