Monday, September 15, 2014

John Oliver Breaks Down Scottish Independence For You

Hearing an inordinate amount of news about Scotland lately?  Wondering what all the kerfuffle is about?  Why would Scotland, in a post William Wallace world, want it's independence?

Didn't they already win?

All your questions will be answered, by an actual man who is from the place that's being discussed!  Well, he is from England, but they are involved too!

That person is John Oliver, and with the vote for Scottish Independence only days away, the host of Last Week Tonight walks us through the hundreds-of-years-long-marriage between the two countries.  Hint: It hasn't been great!

But there might be something England can do to save this floundering union, Oliver says. "If I've learned one thing from the last four minutes of British romantic comedies, is that if you're trying to win someone over, you need a big romantic gesture: a kiss in the rain, a kiss in the snow, turning up to someone's door with romantic signs expressing your love for them because you can't say it out loud because her husband—your best friend—is in the next room, which is a bit fucked up. But! It is effective."

Maybe that is all Scotland and England need.  A gentle look, some romantic scenery, and a promise to love each other forever. 

Check out John's rundown below:

Can anyone find out what Craig Ferguson thinks about all this?

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