Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jealous Principal Gets In On Teen's Amazing Lazer Cat Photo

Schenectady High School teen hero Draven Rodriguez petitioned to have a highly stylized photo of himself and his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, be included as his senior portrait in the school's yearbook.  However, to the chagrin of the entire Internet, he was denied in unleashing this photo onto the world:

How do you say no to this?

Instead, he made a deal.  He took a second photo at the behest of the school principal that will run on her page and also include her dog, Vivienne.  That's right, the principal knows an opportunity when she sees one.


Rodriguez's original photo will even get to run in the yearbook, Schenectady High School Principal Diane Wilkinson assures the Times Union, just not in the senior portraits section where he wanted it.  Wilkinson:
"Being principal of 2,400 kids, you want to think of all the kids who want to have a professional shot that looks consistent in that area.   I loved Draven's picture so much."

She loved it so much, in fact, that she wanted in.  The photo running on her page will be "accompanied by a message advocating animal rescue and adoption."  Any donations sent to the school will be forwarded to the Animal Protective Foundation in Glenville, NY.

Rodriguez himself has even benefitted from his viral photo:
Rodriguez's campaign to pose for his official senior photo with Mr. Bigglesworth began with an online petition that attracted national attention and trended on social media. 
It was even tweeted by singer Kesha, and he was contacted by the blog site Tumblr to sponsor his personal page, Rodriguez said with excitement. "It's like being contacted by Facebook itself," he said.

But deep in the Times Union's story, Principal Wilkinson's reveals her possibly insidious intentions for snaking her way into the photo: "I generally have a boring head shot and, like Draven, I loved his original photo." Stealin' this kid's idea because you take boring photos? Damn.  That's cold.  Even for a principal.

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